When your crypto project is so early

it’s still in the egg
Welcome to the Hatchery!

Discover the most promising early-stage crypto projects poised for growth. 🪺built for #solana.

the meme revolution is here

launched with sense of humor and
a purpose for developers and users

We were all eggs

Join the Hatchery memecoin Magic community and enjoy a universe where memes not only make you laugh but also earn you rewards such as early access, exclusive airdrops, creator collaborations and more.

Discover where FOMO lives

Where users can explore the most exciting up-and-coming crypto projects with great potential for growth.

From the hatchery

A welcoming space for developers to foster their community, offering the necessary resources and assistance to thrive from the beginning

SolHatch, from the Founders of
the Ingress app and BlabsBuilders


Initial “Hatchery” Offering



Liquidity (burn)


Insights that bring you the proper analytics before choosing us as your primary choice of cryptocurrency with us.

About $HATCH Token

Our memecoin token is more than just yolks—it’s a crypto cocoon for hilarious ideas to transform into moon-worthy projects.

No Team tokens
No buy or sell tax
Liquidity burn
Ownership renounced

About Hatch

How to buy $HATCH token

Ready to join the meme token craze? Buying meme tokens is simple! Head to our website, create an account, and link your digital wallet. Browse our selection of meme tokens, choose your favorite, and complete the purchase using your preferred payment method. Embrace the fun of meme culture with ease!

Connect Your Wallet

Using Phantom: download and install phantom wallet from play/App Store or download and install browser extension for desktop

Go to Buy page

Deposit or buy SOL to your wallet and go to Raydium DEX

Choose the pairs to swap

Enter $HATCH contract address and swap SOL for $HATCH tokens

Welcome to the hatchery

Import $HATCH contract address to your wallet also you can find available staking options for $HATCH and track your earnings

100 000 000 000

Embrace the meme coin uprising now and become a part of a distribution model that prioritizes transparency and fairness, fostering long-term growth and empowering community-driven achievements!

Our Partners


Launching website, community engagement, token utility integration, exchange listings, expanding partnerships, and global adoption.


Eggceptional Genesis

  • Gather meme enthusiasts in a cozy nest. Plan and launch the Hatchery

Token Hatch

  • Launch and listings

Feathered growth

  • Eggxtensive marketing, partnerships and eggspantion


  • Eggs crack open simultaneously, Memes emerge, flapping their wings and more